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Preceptors is a team of educational and industrial experts; a community of global leaders, doctorates and compassionate mentors whose mission is to solve the most pressing issue faced by almost every student in their prime years choosing their main career stream. Preceptors’ helps students by organizing the most informative and a world class PRECEPTORS’ MEET hosted by doctorates and most experienced professors of various streams to break the confusions of the students and give them an advanced vision of the real world and the power to choose their FUTURE.


A world class two-day educational meet, organized by The Preceptors’ and hosted by the most experienced stream experts and doctorates, addressing the ground breaking innovations, career breakthroughs and manifests the best career practices available across the globe to the students. Students will have the opportunity to interact and discuss face-to-face with professors, mentors and connect with a large network of professional doctorates, experienced professors and industry experts. The Preceptors’ Meet prioritizes detailing every possible stream available for the students to pursue and empowers them with enough knowledge to choose the RIGHT Stream and the RIGHT Future.

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